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For years, the architecture and constructions industries as well as municipalities have focused primarily on construction costs of buildings. In terms of sustainable and green buildings, investors and owners need to broaden their perspective to include operation, maintenance, repair, replacement and disposal costs. The sum of initial and future costs associated with the construction and operation of a building over a period of time is called the life cycle cost of a facility.
Furthermore, life cycle costing can be described as an essential design process for controlling the initial and the future cost of building ownership. It can be implemented at any level of the design process but there is a significant possibility of influencing future costs during conception and planning phases.
Life cycle cost analysis is an economic evaluation technique that determines the total cost of owning and using a facility over a period of time.
In making decisions, both present and future costs are taken into account and related to the whole life cycle of the facility. Therefore the different phases of the life cycle: construction, utilization, maintenance as well as processes at the end of the life cycle are reviewed. The purpose of LCC is to estimate the overall costs of project alternatives and to select the design that ensures the facility will provide the lowest cost of ownership consistent with its quality and function.
The provided tool is merely a decision supporting tool rather than a decision making tool since it has a specific focus. The relevant tool is focused on costs and excludes further economic and social impacts. It is therefore recommended to use in conjunction with other tools to assist identifying areas of potential improvement. One goal of the calculation is the mapping of cost structure to gain an overview of total costs and the ratio of construction and operating costs.
For the consideration of the economically advantageous alternative, a tool package is provided that may support the application of LCC in revitalization projects.
The ImmoKapCalculator is a management tool to figure out a long-term, sustainable solution from different possible courses of action. It’s a decision guidance for planning projects to value the planning status (area structure, cost structure) and to deliver criteria for valuing other alternatives (technical equipment, materials, qualities, area standards).
With its holistic approach and the calculation method, the summary of costs from different life cycle phases prevent from a one-handed optimization (e.g. construction costs on the one hand and operating costs on the other hand).

The tool offers a combination of quantity and quality evaluation (calculation tool and scoring rubrics) to measure a whole range of items.
- Different focus of calculation (economic comparison, calculation of rent per m²)
- Different building types (public or private, administration or industry)
- Various alternatives (new construction vs. revitalization)

The following costs and parameters are taken into account:
The calculation standards are based on established German standards (DIN 276 Building costs, DIN 277 Areas and volumes of buildings, DIN 18960 Utilization costs in building construction, BKI Index of construction costs) for building construction which can easily be adjusted to projects the EUREGIO.
Within the REVITAPLAN project, the ImmoKapCalculator enables the user to compare different alternatives of revitalization throughout the whole life cycle. It supports the user in the decision-making process concerning construction projects.


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