NeighbourhoodPSS support the development and revitalisation of business parks and urban building projects. Such processes consume much time, money and energy because many different parties need to be involved, each with their own interests and goals. Balancing these interests and finding a common goal is necessary but not easy. NeighbourhoodPSS support the process by quickly computing and visualizing different possible planning scenarios.These scenarios can then be evaluated and discussed by all those involved. Eventually this joint effort will yield the optimal scenario on which further development will be based.

NeighbourhoodPSS can be applied in various ways

  • Monitoring: They provide a checklist for elaborating a vision - "Did you take this into account?"
  • Visualisation: They bring ideas to life by visualising them and discussing them with those involved.
  • Calculating: They rationalise assumptions and bring insight into the consequences of plans to make informed and realistic choices.
  • Discussion: They allow to compare different planning scenarios.
  • Promotion and accession: They support the communication with those that are directly involved, e.g. with residents, interest groups, or businesses.

Quantify and qualify
NeighbourhoodPSS contain a series of tools to quantify and qualify spatial planning for business parks and inner city urban areas. They are specifically designed to speed up the developments in the concept and planning stages, to improve the quality of the concepts being developed, and to reduce planning costs.

The result

  • Less time needed for the planning
  • Confusion and other unnecessary process disturbances are eliminated
  • The quality of process information increases significantly

Shorter turnaround time and higher quality lead to lower costs
Your personal NeighbourhoodPSS project environment on the Internet
NeighbourhoodPSS are delivered as web applications. NeighbourhoodPSS allows each planning area with its goals and properties to be stored in a unique NeighbourhoodPSS project environment. Only authorised parties have access to the NeighbourhoodPSS site. These parties can view and change their plans. Communication about the project also occurs within the NeighbourhoodPSS site. The progress of the planning process is tracked and reports are organised in a clear manner. The agenda shows when meetings are held and on the forum pages issues can be discussed. Within the help function one can consult manuals on the technical use of NeighbourhoodPSS as well as information on the phases of planning processes.

Pilot Projects
NeighbourhoodPSS have been applied in several projects: Kennispark in Enschede, Die Zeche Westfalen in Ahlen, and the industry area Twentekanaal-Zuid in Hengelo. Additionally the tool has been tested during stakeholder meetings at the Medisch Spectrum Twente, Enschede’s city centre hospital.

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