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The PICTURE Process Platform
The PICTURE Process Platform (PPP) is a web-based software tool to model and manage highly structured administrative business processes built around the PICTURE method. This application supports all levels of process management from recording processes through modelling the inner process chain (or workflow) up to process analyses and optimisation. The PICTURE method is a formalised language to specify administrative business processes by using a fixed set of 24 building blocks. The PICTURE method in combination with the platform makes describing administrative business processes easy and cost optimal. With PICTURE, processes can be modelled consistently to be analysed and optimised to save time, money and effort. The characteristic building blocks depict specific activities, like signing or filing a document, printing a document or retaining information. In order to be intuitively usable, every building block represents one specific task via a graphical icon, depicting its meaning. For example the building block for “printing a document” simply shows a printer while “creating a document” is indicated via a small blank sheet of paper and a green plus.
As these building blocks are rather abstract, a more detailed specification is possible by adding various attributes to allow for an even more detailed description of each process. The tremendous advantage of using these blocks is twofold: modelling administrative business processes becomes highly intuitive and members of all levels of staff are able to use the PICTURE method easily to model and maintain their internal processes themselves. Additionally, processes can be visualised transparently and are easy to compare to those of different public administrations. The latter is the core idea of the latest product from the PICTURE GmbH, PICTURE improve. With PICTURE improve municipalities distributed across the whole of Germany can compare and optimise their processes easily and quickly.

The PICTURE method
The PICTURE method has a strong scientific background. It emerged from scientific research at the Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster in cooperation with various public administrations, practitioners and researchers. The PICTURE method is widely accepted across the scientific community as well as public administrations of all levels. “We understand officialese and cooperate with the public administrations to further optimise our products”, as Dr. Lars Algermissen, CEO and co-founder of PICTURE GmbH puts it. Along with the platform as a technical tool especially developed to back the needs of public administrations, the PICTURE method provides a structured and easy-to-use way of introducing process management to public administrations, thus allowing for new ways to tackle pressing issues as, for example, demographic change, knowledge management and preservation or roll-out of high-impact software applications like document management systems.
With the PICTURE method, highly complex administrative business processes become easily understandable and usable. Providing business processes to a wide auditorium lacking expert knowledge in process modelling, has never been so simple and intuitive. With the PICTURE method, process modelling no longer concerns with technicalities of a complex description language but enables administrations to focus on their specialist field of expertise, namely the processes themselves.

PICTURE GmbH itself is spin-off of the University of Münster, founded in 2007 by Dr. Lars Algermissen and Dr. Thorsten Falk. PICTURE is located in Münster and keeps close connections to the scientific community, especially the center of competence for e-government at the European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS).
PICTURE offers widespread knowledge and years of experience in documenting, modelling and optimising administrative business processes, ranging from issuing a business registration or building permission to certificating a local parking permit or the whole public procurement process. Our consultants have already identified and described over 2.000 different administrative business processes, building a strong knowledge base for PICTURE projects.
Along with the consulting business and software development, PICTURE offers training and coaching for process management, project management and organisational issues.

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